Below is a small list of sample voice-reels from various projects I’ve been involved in. Some have backing music others don’t. Hopefully it should allow you to hear my voice used in different projects and different moods etc. If you want me to provide a small sample from your own script, please let me know – no charge!

Radio voice-reel

Radio Imaging Sample Voice-reel

Commercial / Advertising voice-reels

Commercials/ advertising voice-reel 1
Commercials / advertising voice-reel 2 (Charity)
Commercials / advertising voice-reel 3

eLearning Voice-reels

eLearning voice-reel 1
eLearning voice-reel 2
eLearning voice-reel 3

Audiobook Voice-reels

Audiobook Voice-reel 1
Audiobook voice-reel 2