Below is a small list of sample voice-reels and videos from various voiceover and ‘face to camera’ projects I’ve been involved in recently. Some have backing music others don’t. Some of the videos are simply green screen, others aren’t. It should allow you to hear my voice used in different projects, settings and different moods. If you want me to provide a small sample from your own script, please let me know – no charge!

Radio voice-reel

Radio Imaging/Promo Voice-reel

YouTube Automation – Voice only.

YouTube – How Amazon Stores are in Big Trouble
What if Chatbots turned Evil?
Videos for YouTube – The Theory of Fun In Games
The Dark History of Vodka
How the Economy of Russia is Struggling
Eviction Increase

Commercial / Advertising voice-reels

Decathlon Sports – Dramatic Web Promo
Commercials / advertising voice-reel 3
Commercials/ advertising voice-reel 1
Commercials / advertising voice-reel 2 (Charity)

eLearning Voice-reels

E-Learning – Educational study for 14 – 18 year Olds – J.B. Priestly
Motivational videos for YouTube – The Theory of Player Types
Amina’ – For WHO – Health Authority news report/review of healthcare workers in Somalia
eLearning voice-reel 1
eLearning voice-reel 2
eLearning voice-reel 3

Audiobook Voice-reels

Is It OK To Feel Not OK?
Audiobook Voice-reel 1
Audiobook voice-reel 2

Videos – Greenscreen/Animated/Elearning

A sister channel to the wildly popular ‘Wilderness Cooking’ Channel on YouTube, this is the ‘Tavakkul Wild Kitchen’ Channel. The channel has been created with my voiceover for English speaking viewers.

I’m also one of the trainers for ‘The Knowledge Academy’. This is where I use my training as a ‘presenter’ and an actor. In this video, as in many others I’m reading from my autocue and presenting it as if I am actually the expert. In fact of course I’m reading from a script. the trick is to try to make it ‘real’!.

Here’s another example but this time it’s a short video reel – a cut down version with three clips.

This is a video from a 70 ‘face to camera’ project collection for my client, an Australian construction training firm. They provided the scripts which varied in length between 3 and 20 minutes. I then used my teleprompter (sometimes known as an autocue) to allow me to record directly from the script in front of the camera. The trick is to avoid sounding too much like you are reading something, and to make it look like you really do know what you’re talking about!

I have a small but highly skilled virtual team of additional ‘voices’. These include male, female, child, teen, elderly etc who can, in turn, create numerous characters each. One of them, Mark, is an excellent voiceover actor and also a great videographer. This video is from a long term client for whom I’ve done about 400 voiceovers in the last 4 years. I scripted it and did the voiceover and my videographer added the graphics and made it engaging and professional!

Another from the same client as the video above.

This and the next video is an animated dialogue from a client who runs an e-learning company. Again I scripted the words, storyboarded the video, recorded my own voiceover and asked members of my virtual team to record the second ‘voice’. I then edited together both voices to form the conversation. My other team member, Mark, then followed my storyboard and created the final video

Again is similar to the video directly above.