Richard Foster Voices Voiceover services

Voiceover Recording

I provide voiceover services for most genres – You wouldn’t believe how many there are! I always finish on time and I aim to provide the very best service I can. I will always work with you until you’re satisfied!

Here’s some samples of what I do…

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Richard Foster Voices Voiceover services

File Production & Editing

Every voiceover file I produce is finished to ‘broadcast standard’. I check and double check that they are all consistent and meet your requirements.

I provide additional editing and production services from adding backing music, editing video etc to tidying up audio files that you’ve already produced. Talk to me about what you need – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost

Richard Foster Voices Voiceover services

Proof Reading

I always pre-read the voiceover script/book etc before vocalizing it, to make sure I understand the flow, check pronunciation etc. I’ll always correct basic spelling and grammar problems too but beyond that I assume that it’s been formally proof read already.

However, It makes huge sense to let the person who is going to speak the words, formally proof read them first. If you think problems with grammar and sentence structure jump out at you when you’re trying to read it yourself, just wait until you hear it being actually spoken! A fresh eye is always good too! let me formally proof your script first – check out the rates page

Voiceover Next Steps…

Whatever voiceover you’re planning, even if it’s just got out of the initial, ‘good idea’ stage just let me know!