Either way, we’re all at different stages of the process! Want to learn what the most successful niche is? Want to know the best way of getting work? Not sure which microphone is best or which software to use? just scroll down and I’ll tell you exactly how to find out and all it will take is 6 minutes – really! Seriously!

Welcome to the first Voice Circle survey!

To all aspiring and experienced voice actors….

Lets create the best self-help voiceover community on the planet!,

  • Some of us are seasoned pros! and some of us have just been doing it for a short while. 
  • Some of us are earning thousands per week and others haven’t even got paid at all – yet!

Between us all there’s such a huge store of knowledge and I’d like to try to capture some of that – the good and the bad, and then make that information available to everyone! 

The way I plan to do it is to have you fill in a survey all about voiceover. I’ve done this before and the results were staggering! The data from the survey will come from everyone, from total newbies to those who’ve been in the business for years.

Once the survey is complete I’ll compile the answers and send them to you.

You’ll then know things like what microphones are used the most, what most people say is the best way of getting work (and the least popular way!), which niche is the most popular and so much more – just take a look at the survey and then imagine having the answers to all the questions in the survey!

So, please, donate about 6 minutes of your time to fill in this survey It’s a sort of ‘pay it forward with benefits’

Here’s a bonus too…

I’ll also send you a checklist of how to get started in voiceover – including the recommendations of the survey. It’s so useful for those who haven’t yet started and those who have been going for a little while and need some clarity and direction – it’s also FREE by the way!).

This, the first survey, starts with general questions and then starts to ask specific questions. The results will then absolutely drive survey number 2 – one that’s more refined based on the answers to the first one and is about the same length.

I’ll then be setting up a closed group on LinkedIn and Facebook only populated by those that were prepared to fill in the surveys!

So, would you mind helping me, yourself and others too? 

Only those that fill in the survey will see the results but if you know someone else who’s wanting to get some real answers then forward the link to as many people as possible – even if you send it to just two people, imagine how many answers we would have by the end!

So, thank you so very much for your help with this! I’m really excited about seeing the results – it’s like unearthing treasure! – in 6 minutes!

Kind regards,

Richard Foster